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At The Home Company, everything we do is built on a simple yet powerful belief: real estate is fundamentally about people, not just transactions. Our journey began when Yesmeen Abdullatif, better known as Yaz, realized the need for a change from the traditional brokerage model. Her idea? ‘Hey, what ever happened to caring about people?’ That question became our mission.
So what’s our vibe? It’s about putting YOU at the forefront – whether you’re a dedicated agent in our family or a valued client embarking on the quest for your dream home. We’re all about revolutionizing the norm with a fresh, client-first approach to buying and selling homes. After all, it’s the personal connections, the shared laughter, and even the mutual challenges that truly enrich this journey.
Yaz brings a touch of her own life into our story, drawing inspiration from the simple joys of home life with her partner and their beloved dog, Cookie Monster, to create a welcoming space where your aspirations and stories are the main attraction. For us, real estate isn’t just about closing deals; it’s about ensuring you feel supported, excited, and central to every decision.
So, dive into the experience with The Home Company, where it’s never just about houses – it’s about you, your dreams, and getting you to where you want to be. Welcome to a real estate experience that’s as unique as you are, where your story is our mission. Let’s make some magic happen together!

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Yaz Abdullatif
Real Estate Broker
Emily McNamee
Real Estate Agent
Christine Leininger
Real Estate Agent

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